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Join Marne Power, Owner and CEO of MPower Consulting for a presentation that will introduce people to the notion that we are always transacting. When you do it well – you, your teams and your initiative thrive. When you don't do it well, you experience struggles, difficulties and sometimes hardship. In this presentation she will discuss what a transaction is and what it looks like. A transaction is far more than just a point of sale. In fact, we define a transaction as a series of reciprocal exchanges, therefore we will look at all the exchanges in a transaction and discuss which ones are often skipped and the impact of skipping exchanges.

Following this introduction to transactions, our group will be introduced to personality in transactions. We will discuss that there are fundamentally four roles or personalities in a transaction. We will look at the characteristics of each personality and where these personalities best fit in transactions. We will explore how to utilize our personality differences to enhance team effectiveness and speed up results. In addition, we will explore where our personality style has value in transactions and where it may be costly.


  • Marne Power (Owner/CEO of MPower Consulting)

    Marne Power

    Owner/CEO of MPower Consulting


    Marne is a dynamic and accomplished professional with over 25 years of diverse training experience, delivering individual coaching and group programs to over 40,000 people worldwide. With a high level of integrity, commitment, and humor, Marne simplifies complex concepts and facilitates discovery. Her impressive background includes managing upper Midwest operations for an international educational company, serving as a Senior Sales Manager for a national organization, and executive coaching for Department Chairs, Senior Leaders, and Academic Clinicians at the University of Virginia.

    Marne is a senior faculty member for Influential U, a leading business education in transactional competence, and the owner of MPOWER Consulting, LLC, specializing in productivity consulting for academic healthcare providers. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Counseling from the University of Minnesota, a Master's in Instructional Design and Technology with an emphasis on Human Performance Improvement from Walden University and a Certificate in Brain-Based coaching from the Neuroleadership Institute. Marne's passion for helping individuals achieve their most important goals while living a balanced life is evident in her work. She teaches people how to take deliberate and incremental actions that cultivate essential habits and practices for achieving long-lasting results.

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