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Cindy Battino from Transformational Healing will talk about what healthy and unhealthy anger and conflict look like in the workplace. She will also talk about the three unhealthy "No's" and what a healthy "No" is. We will role-play using the healthy "no" and then role-play healthy conflict. The basis of the healthy "No" and healthy conflict is a four-step process. 1) Pause, 2) No anger or excuses, 3) Compassion for the other person, and 4) Present options that work for both parties. Options come from moving away from the Either/Or scenario to find win/win solutions if possible. Finally, patience is necessary because a win/win solution may take time, energy, curiosity, creativity and thought.


  • Cindy Battino (Life Coach and Happiness Expert at Transformational Healing)

    Cindy Battino

    Life Coach and Happiness Expert at Transformational Healing


    Life coach, energy worker, speaker, author, certified Vistage Speaker, host of Our Power Tribe @sterling women and happiness expert; these are just a few words to describe Cindy Battino. Her coaching comes from her intensive study to become a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. Previously she graduated from George Mason University with honors and won the Wall Street Journal Award with a degree in Economics. In 2019 she was named one of the SEVEN Women of Mason. In 2011 she founded Transformational Healing in Middleburg, Va. Cindy is a teacher by trade and teaches relationship and life skills. These skills are the tools her clients use to transform their lives from a lack of happiness and success in one area of their life to happiness and success in ALL areas of their lives. She specializes in working with women to help them show up in a fierce way in their lives. Serving high level executives, business owners, couples and much more.

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